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Sondergröße Gitter und Pultrusionen


Modell:  special size


Modell Nr .: spezielle Größe Produktkategorien: FRP Gitter Material: Fiberglas Typ: Phenolische FRP Marke: BELL Herkunft: Nantong Verwendung: Umweltschutz, Industral, Haushalts-Formverfahren: Resin Transfer Moulding Faser-Typ: CFRP Merkmal: Spezielle Größe Spezifikation: IOS STANDARD HS Code: 39259000 Wir können Gitter nach Kundenwunsch fertigen. Spezialroste, Spezialgitter, Sonderanfertigungen, individuelle Gitterroste. Gitter mit unregelmäßiger Größe. \ N
Industries:       Chemical plant and metal finishing;
    Construction engineering, traffic and transportation;
    Petrochemical engineering, ocean survey, water engineering;
    Food and beverage plants;
    Textile printing and dyeing and electronic industry.
Functions:     Anti-slip floor, stair tread, foot bridge;
    Operation platform, trench cover;
    Security and safety fence, handrail;
    Off-shore oil rig, shipyard,shipping deck, ceiling;
    Ramp ladder, scaffold, railway;
    Decorative grid, man-made fountain pool grid;
    Non-conductive and non- magnetic
Advantages:     Anti-fire;
    Anti-corrosion and anti-aging;
    Light but high loaded strength;
    Long service life and maintenance free;
    Non-conduction or magnetic;
    Easy installation and rich colors;
    various size and colors available.
\ n

Produktgruppe : FRP / GFK-Pultrusionsgitter

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